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some quick sketches of a couple of my neopets

crowy the pteri and chimbley the mynci


Hey friends!

Since finishing off my most recent commission batch, my queue now mostly consists of traditional work. There are two or three digital pieces that need finishing up, but other than that I’m ready to prepare for my next round of commissions. This round will be for something new that I’ve only done as experimental commissions - Neopets-inspired portraits!

Please note that I am NOT taking commissions of your Neopets, or of characters that are already a Neopets species. I am taking commissions to draw your non-Neopets character in the style that Neopets are drawn, to make them look like they would if they were a new species of Neopet. If you aren’t familiar with Neopets, you can visit the site and play the game here.

✧★ Neopets-Inspired Commissions ★✧
✧ Neopets commissions are fullbody character pieces!
✧ I’ll draw your character as if they were an original Neopet.
✧ Prices start at $35, add $5 for complex markings.
✧ Make it a badge! Add $5 for me to draw in the name.
✧ Choose either “Classic UC Pose” or “Customization Pose.”
✧ “Paint” your character or keep their actual markings.
✧ I am only offering ten (10) slots for these, so act fast!
✧ You may reserve/purchase more than one slot, if you like!

Both examples above use the Customization pose: facing right w/ one fist. Classic UC pose would just be something other than this. Neither are “Painted” but you may choose any Neopets PB if you would like your character to be painted. You can choose to have just the clothing of certain brushes added, or have their markings/colours changed. “Clothes only” for just clothing, “all” to change the colours as well.

To view slot availability, check my Trello board!

To claim a slot, send an email to quaggyart AT gmail DOT com with the following information:
Character name/species:
"Customization Pose" or "UC Pose"?:
Any preference for feral or bipedal?:
Painted or unpainted?:  (ex 1: desert PB, clothes only; ex 2: zombie pb, all)
Name or no name added (for badge)?:

To reserve more than one slot, please fill out a new form per slot.

You may be asked for additional information in your confirmation email.

Once you’ve emailed me claiming a slot, I’ll send you a confirmation email containing payment information and instructions. The email will be coming from quaggyart AT gmail DOT com, so make sure it doesn’t go to spam! I currently only accept payment via Paypal. Please do not send payment before receiving your confirmation email.

Reblogs are super appreciated!

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look at that fuckin blumaroo down there, he just told these ice skeleton wankers to mug me, i’m so done with this 

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hey does anybody have…

Lutari Gentleman Jacket and Lutari Gentleman Trousers for sale?

i can’t find any in the TP or Auctions :c

made a lil Mechanized Laboratory Assistant dust plug for the random contest, because its my favourite petpet everrrr

made a lil Mechanized Laboratory Assistant dust plug for the random contest, because its my favourite petpet everrrr


ok im sure u guys talk about this art all the time right

because look at this art

why why wy why

i hope jumpstart gives us beautiful neo art to look at because thIS IS SUCH A WASTE OF GOOD ART I LOVE THIS ART

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If you have a Furry or Anthro Character reblog this post with their reference sheet or something?

Id like to have samples for furry commissions.

Im not promising i will draw everyones, but id like to have some samples or overall practice with animal qualities. it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve got a couple characters you could try…

Dogged Detective (additional refs/images):

Usual Suspect (additional refs/images):

Aaand my neopet >__> Fontayne (click for full ref):



(inspired by this post)

i present to you, neo-amie

excuse me while i sit in a corner and cry because this doesn’t actually exist


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he is dead serious

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